The Woman Behind the Uniqlo Cats


Was hunting down sales sweaters at Uniqlo the other day when I spotted THE most adorable cat slippers. Yes. Cat. Slippers.


To be fair, it was Yoshi who spotted the catjamas which, in turn, led me to these cat slippers. Being the crazy cat lady, I naturally had to get my hands on some but they only had them in S – M. So we took the train to the other side of town, so I could get my hands on the very last pair! Only to discover while window shopping during my break that there were a ton of L-sized ones at the outlet near work.


But I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that, after getting these darn cute slippers I wanted this cat on the wallpaper of my phone. A quick Google search later, I find that the artist behind the series, the lovely Lisa Larson, is an accomplished ceramic artist from Sweden. At 85+ she is is still creating quaint little ceramic animals (amongst other things), and pretty successfully too as you can tell by the Lisa Larson x Uniqlo crossover collection.



And this ugly-cute (or as the Japanese say, kimo-kawaii) cat here? He goes by the name Mikey. And I’m his newest biggest fan.

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson in Japan
Necono Shop Shibuya
Tokyo-Minami 1-15-12
Soo Island Building
2 F Tokyo 150-0041
T: 03-5428-5162